Affiliate Schools

HLZ has three learning center affiliates namely Greenmeadows Learning Center (GLC), Kinderfield Learning Center (KLC), and PLICA Learning Center. The four learning centers (HLZ, GLC, KLC, and 13935053_1170785056307367_520545672168144989_nPLICA) are ably staffed by teachers schooled in Education, in Early Childhood Education and Development, and some specializing in Special Education. All are highly qualified educators who have been trained and possess the experience to administer instruction according to the young child’s development level.





GLC LogoGreenmeadows Learning Center (GLC) can be found inside the Greenmeadows I Village Park in Quezon City and was founded in 1999.  It has since specialized in developing preschooler’s minds, following U.S. based standards.  Integrating the teaching strategies and methodologies of the US National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) and the Bank Street College of Education, GLC implements an internationally accepted education system that is specifically tailored catering to the preschooler’s development level.

GLC was founded by Anna Villaluna – Reyes, a product of the University of the Philippines’ College of Home Economics, specializing in Family Life and Child Development. She has taken further studies here and abroad, including the New Perspective Course in early Childhood Education & Reading for Young Children in the illustrious Bank Street College of Education, The Next Generation Yoga for Kids (New York, New York, USA) and a short course at the Tante Marie Culinary School (San Francisco, USA).

The strong and effective preschool program of GLC was adapted by the three other school affiliates namely PLICA Learning Center, Hills Learning Zone, and Kinderfield Learning Center,  which provides the same quality preschool education embodying the core values of educating young children in a holistic approach.



PLICA logoPLICA Learning Center is located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and was founded in May 2008 by Anna Villaluna–Reyes and Portia Mantuano-Riveta both a product of The University of the Philippines. Teacher Anna has an early childhood education background and Teacher Portia is a graduate of Education specializing in Special Education (SPED).



hlz logo smallHills Learning Zone (HLZ) is a learning center located in Parc Chateau Condominium, Ortigas Center, Pasig City and was founded in September 2008. It is comprised of five partners namely, Anna Villaluna – Reyes who is the company President of GLC, PLICA and HLZ, Teresa Ricafort – Santos who is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila University, Carla Castillo – Villacorta who is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Silvana Tan Bayle who is a graduate of Assumption College with a degree in Psychology and has received her Early Childhood Education degree and training in Canada, and Bloss Mercado Villafuerte who is a graduate of University of Asia and the Pacific and is a candidate for a Masters degree in Development Education.


Educare Intervention Inc. is an affiliate of Hills Learning Zone (HLZ) that was established on July 2015. It is comprised of six partners namely, Lea Disini-Aquino, Bloss Mercado Villafuerte, Silvana Tan Bayle, Anna Villaluna-Reyes, Teresa Ricafort-Santos and Carla Castillo-Villacorta. Educare Instituto Inc. offers academic enrichment and after school programs that aim to develop as well as enhance each child’s unique learning and cognitive capabilities.


KLC LogoKinderfield Learning Center (KLC), located in Scout Gandia, Quezon City, was founded by Eica Martina Ong, a graduate of University of Asia and the Pacific with a degree Masters in Education with “Specialization in Child Development”, and Somerie Garcia, a graduate of University of Asia and the Pacific with a degree in Child Development and Education and soon to complete her Masters in Educational Administration, and Anna Villaluna – Reyes who is with all four school affiliates namely, GLC, HLZ, PLICA  and KLC.