Resource Corner

IMG_0389Exposure to a wide a variety of well-selected educational materials and resources will complement your child’s educational experience and enhance his/her total development.  Your child’s world revolves largely around play and recreation. It is vital to provide as wide a range of materials as possible to optimize key learning opportunities.

Such exposure, however, is often limited by access and cost considerations.   The children soon tire of playing with things that not too long ago have caught their attention and fired their imagination.  Once something has been worked out, new skills and techniques have been mastered or the mystery has been solved, toys will sooner lie untouched in the playroom.  The reality is variety is key.  But educational materials do not come cheap these days.

In response to this challenge to parents, Hills Learning Zone has put up the Resource Corner – a membership-based service that provides access to a pool of stimulating materials including:

  • books
  • toys
  • curriculum materials, and
  • arts and craft activities. 

IMG_0516The pool of material addresses various areas of development – reading, writing, numeracy, creative thinking, play and imagination especially for children aged 1 to 7 years old.  It is constantly updated and replenished to ensure continuous maximum exposure to a variety of materials.


Your membership will provide free access to loan of books, toys and curriculum materials and allow you to purchase arts and craft kits at a discounted price.  It will likewise enable the use of Hills Learning Zone classroom materials and indoor play gym which features children’s wall-climbing, monkey bars and a mini basketball ring during designated Resource Corner Play Time for a minimal fee.

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  • 1 Month Membership:        P 300

  • 1-Year Membership:        P 2,000