Our Approach

An Assessment
IMG_1147The Hills Learning Zone tutorial program begins with a consultation with the parent/s or guardian (i.e. thru a survey questionnaire and preliminary discussions) to get to know the child better.  Through this, the strengths and weaknesses of the child in relation to specific subject areas and general study techniques will be explored.  The child’s personality and areas of interest, which will be vital to properly motivating them during tutorial sessions, will likewise be investigated.



A Tutorial Plan

Based on the assessment, an individualised tutorial plan will be developed.  This will outline specific goals to be achieved through the tutorials (both in content areas and study techniques) and the general approach to be taken to achieve these.

Emphasizing the use of learning resources

A distinctive difference in tutorials at Hills Learning Zone is the emphasis on use of hands-on resources for all ages.  This is due to the belief that poor conceptual understanding can be enhanced by being able to physically manipulate well-designed resources regardless of age.  Furthermore, some of these resources provide fun alternatives for gaining mastery of newly learnt concepts.

At the Hills Learning Zone, we also value pen and paper resources very highly.  The Center thus has an extensive collection of reviewers on a wide range of topics for different levels.  They have been specifically designed to practice the child for a typical exam environment.

Teaching Study Skills

The Hills Learning Zone also focuses on developing good study techniques and skills.  Integrated in tutorial sessions are efforts to teach of methods that help the child attack the task of learning lessons strategically.  Time management (i.e. planning and prioritising tasks), better reading skills (e.g. marking what you read in a way that works for you, paraphrasing, concept mapping, etc.), note-taking, memorising (e.g. using acronyms, mnemonic devices, etc) are some such skills.  Our staff have been and are continually trained in these areas.

Evaluation and Reporting

Progress of the child will be assessed and reported on a regular basis.   This will be the basis for fine tuning tutorial plans.